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Hello Neighbor!

My name is Dan Ginestra, and I am a candidate for Wayzata School Board.

I have lived in Maple Grove all of my life. I attended Wayzata Public Schools from Kindergarten to 12th Grade. My priorities are in this community and giving back to it. I am proud to have attended Wayzata Schools and consider it highly consequential to my other successes and opportunities in life. I look forward to the possibility of continuing my service to this community on the Wayzata School Board.

There is so much we can do as a School Community. We can create a budget that priorities students and teachers by making class sizes small. We can invest in healthier food options, all while emphasizing the mental health of every student. We are eight cities and 75,000 people, each with a culture and unique set of stories. Our differences can be our strengths if we work together. 

Wayzata Public Schools have given me so much - an outstanding education that allowed me to graduate with distinction from the University of Minnesota, and opportunities that connected me to career paths. I believe these experiences should be accessible to every student. That is why I am running.

I am so excited to be a candidate for Wayzata School Board, and I cannot wait to see you out in the community!

- Dan Ginestra

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